6 basic mind shifts that will positively improve your thinking

December 2, 2018

6 tips to help positively improve your thinking

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The human mind is a very powerful tool. What we feed it and nourish it with, we get back in real life. Although, a lot of us keep up with certain thinking patterns and convictions we've embraced through our lives. And lot of them are not useful at all, but rather are more self-damaging.

Mainly it's because of our unconsciousness. We just hardly pay attention to everything what's going on in our heads all the time. Luckily, we can change this anytime we decide so - it just takes some time and practice. 

As we start being more aware of what's going on in our minds, we can easily gain control over it. Then it's only up to us what thoughts, beliefs and allegations we choose to give place to in our heads.

In today's post I'm sharing with you 6 basic mind shifts that can help you gain more control over your thoughts. They are tips how to be more aware of what's going on in your mind and ideas for changing the patterns you think by to improve it in the positive way.

How to gain more control over your thoughts

1 ǀ Master the art of positive self-talk

The truth is, you are the only one person on this planet, you have to live your whole life with. So better to act appropriately to it. Nobody would like to stay in a negative, destructive relationship his whole life. Even though, so many people live in this kind of relation with no one, but themselves.

Did you ever think of how uplifting and encouraging could you become for your own sake, if you'd change your statement toward yourself? Grab everything negative and demotivating you have ever planted in your head by your distorted beliefs and convictions and throw them away. Now it's time to start building love and kindness toward yourself. 

When you don't show trust and support to yourself, actually no one will. Things around us always reflect what's going on inside us. How you see the world and others will be always linked to how you see yourself. 

I know this is not a change that comes over night. But time and persistence are your greatest friends on this journey.

ǀ Say only positive affirmations

The universe (or whatever you prefer to call it) is not interested in what you don't want. It never was.
When you focus too much on complaining with what's 'wrong' in your life and what you don't want, you don't leave yourself enough space for the things you actually want. 

Once a friend of mine was talking about a very interesting topic. It was connected to the power of our words and thoughts and how affirmations work. He said,
The universe doesn't notice when you say "I don't want my car to be crashed today." It's not aware of the "don't" word. All it hears is "I don't want my car to be crashed."
Some of you could doubt the theory about the universe, but it's not the point here. His words brought me to one realization. It's pointless to concentrate so much on what we don't want in our lives, because it's only stealing our power we could dedicate to what we want to achieve. 

When we understand this, and start practicing it, everything good will become just much more available for us. Next time,when you'd start complaining about anything, replace your negative words and thoughts with positive ones. 

You will not only master the art of positive and solvable thinking, but also attract your true desires and hopes into your life.

ǀ Pay attention to what's going on in your head

I'm convinced awareness is the very first step, if we want to evolve any changes into our lives. 

Just think of it - how often are we truly aware of the directions our thoughts are heading? Or of the influences, or conditions we allow to affect our mood, behavior and how we feel about ourselves?

Tips that helped me to become more aware of my thoughts
Watch yourself
We all get lost in our heads from time to time. But what is the most important is what kind of scenery do we create up there. Remind yourself to be aware when you trigger the flow in your head.

The moment you realize your thoughts started going against you, either stop them or give them a new direction. You can achieve this by asking yourself different questions about your thoughts to realize what caused them and how you can turn them into better ones. It's us who should control our minds and not oppositely.

Choose your reaction
Next time you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, don't allow yourself any thoughtless or irrational reactions. Rather stop, take a deep breathe and give yourself time to rethink what will be your respond. You don't have to react to everything immediately. 

If you give yourself enough time, you can make a better decision which could lead to getting out of the situation more profitable. Either it's avoiding a fight or not forgetting important information that could help you solve the situation more effectively. 

Learn to let go
Don't allow external conditions to have any affect on your inner world. But at the same time, don't allow to your behavior be guided by your bad mood. You don't have a permission to be mean to others just because you woke up with your left foot. 

It's simple to make right decisions when our heads are clear, but the true power is in managing this skill when we are under pressure. 

6 tips to positively improve your thinking

ǀ Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude helps to keep up a strong, positive mindset. When you constantly remind yourself of all the blessings and great things in your life (And there is really so much to be thankful for - just like the fresh air we can breathe. Or the simple fact that we can breathe.), the feelings of lucking anything in your life will disappear. 

Also bare in mind, when you truly appreciate all the little things given to you, you'll become a pure magnet for more greatness.

ǀ Become present

By being more present in the given moment, you can learn to manage your thoughts, or even clear out your mind completely when it's needed. Sometimes it may seem hard to stop the hectic buzz inside our heads - but it's all about practice.

When you accept the presence just as it is without any assessment and become a full part of it, you will realize that the things created in your mind are not even that important, if they are at all. Meditation or certain breathing exercises can also help you if you decide to start practicing this. 

ǀ Have an open mind

You cannot really welcome any changes in your life when you're not truly open to them. Having an open mind will make you much more flexible in this. 

You will be more open to try and learn new things. Not saying that it will help you to start naturally recognizing all the possibilities and opportunities that surrounds you.

Thank you very much for your time dedicated to reading my words. Also feel free to express your impressions down in the comment section. Do you find this article helpful? Would you like to read about actual exercises and tools how to achieve the appointed tips above? Let me know! 

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  1. congrats on your firts post, and thank you for the very positive thoughts!
    Deb Sousa - nominal-nomad.com

  2. We need positive thoughts to have a good life. Bad thoughts are not so good and life goes mental!

  3. an awesome first post,lots of positivity and thoughtfulness, congratulations and good luck

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  6. Positive thinking is very beneficial for our mental health primarily because it eliminates any form of paranoia and negative thoughts that can cause depression and stress. The process is actually a domino effect in terms of our overall health. Those who think positively feel happier and more contented with their lives.

  7. EVERYONE can benefit from reading this post :) thanks!

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  11. This is a really interesting and thought provoking article. The advice given is really important and I think more people should live there life in this way! I do think many of us are guilty of not listening to what our mind is saying and we just put it to one side and not look after our self the way we should. Thanks for sharing!

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